Fish from Fish Exchange

Freshly caught fish from the evening auctions, shipped within a matter of hours to our facilities to be ready for selling.

Gilthead seabreams, Atlantic spotted flounders, whitings, red mullets, bass, etc.

Fin fish

Daily shippings from several ports, always guaranteeing top freshness.

Mackerel, sardine, horse mackerel, anchovy, blue whiting, etc.


Our expertise in extraction zones enables us to guarantee the best quality of our products for every season of the year.

Mussels, clams, cockles, razor-shell, oysters, striped venus, spiny dye-murex, etc.

Other products

Besides, we offer several other products:

Monkfish, salmon, perch, crayfish, grouper, scorpionfish, dory, sea bream, dentex, cuttlefish, squid, triple grooved shrimp, four spotted megrim, sole, etc.


Consumer comfort.
Product cleaned and prepared for cooking.
Very healthy, fast to prepare and nutritious.
Economical and profitable.
Sustainable aquaculture.
Elegant and attractive presentation for the consumer.
Proximity product.
Biosphere reserve product.

Central Fish Market, Box 29/51/54
08040 Mercabarna, Barcelona
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